Positive Mortgage News for 2024

Some welcome news from McKendry Dunion Financial this week ...

Exclusive £5k deposit mortgage product for first time buyers

This morning Accord has launched an exclusive £5k deposit mortgage product for first-time buyers (if it is a joint application only one applicant has to be a first-time buyer!). The product is aimed at people who are struggling to find the required 5-10% deposit and will allow them to borrow up to 99% of the property value! The product is only available on houses at the moment but this is likely to be reviewed based on demand.

These products are only available through the intermediary market one of the benefits of speaking to our team at Dunion Financial.

We also wanted to share some good news – please find a link below to Mortgage Strategy on the predicted Bank of England rate cuts this year.  With rate cuts “ on the way” and possibly as soon as May we should start to see lender interest rates following soon after which in turn will boost consumer confidence but more importantly affordability ! Please click below for the full article.

Please click the link below for more details but if you would like any more information please contact support@mckendrydunion.co.uk or 0345 565 2028 where they can offer independent advice from across the market. Please be sure to mention to them you are a client of Chapmans.